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SavvyPack® Economic Analysis System (patent pending)
Econ2 - the package filling module
The packaging filling module is a combination of software and content delivered to you through the Internet. It provides a broad array of economic analysis capabilities, which can be used to analyze the economics of the package filling industry.
To learn about the system, we recommend you request a demonstration. Please call us at 952-898-2000 or email us at We welcome the opportunity to conduct a 30 minute web conference for you, which will provide a full understanding of what the system does and how it will benefit you.
Annual subscriptions to the SavvyPack® system are of greatest value when you purchase the Total System, however, you can also purchase Individual Modules. The chart below compares features of the Total System and Individual Modules.
Features Total System Individual Modules
Work Scope
All System Content X
Complete Value Chain Analysis X
Complete Life Cycle Analysis X
Greatest Time Efficiency X
License Sharing X
Content Support Included X
Technical Support Included X X
Adjust Case Assumptions X X
Case Connections Modules X
Create New Cases X X
Copy Cases X X
Share Cases X X
Synchronize Modules X
Print Results X X
Perform "What ifs" X X
Graphic Interface
View Assumptions X X
View Results X X
View Charts X X
View Comparisons X X
Benefits for specific functions:
You can also use the following links to obtain documents that explain the features and benefits of the system.

  1. Design and development professionals
  2. Operations professionals
  3. Purchasing and procurement professionals
  4. Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Publication date: 1/1/2006
  • Subscription number: ECONMO2
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
  • Annual Subscription: Call For Pricing
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