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Structure Assistant

The Structure Assistant (SA) is the definitive tool for designing packaging structures.
  • Provides access from any browser anywhere in the world.
  • Provides Existing and Experimental structures for virtually any packaging requirement.
  • Facilitates packaging structure design.
  • Provides highly accurate and highly granular permeability data for every material.
  • Provides highly accurate and highly granular permeability data for every structure.
  • Easy to design to a target permeability.
  • Provides immediate access to New Products from Suppliers.
  • Controls and limits access to your content to you alone.
  • Includes a ToolBox for collaboration and content sharing with other employees.
  • Includes a dedicated Company Structure Library integrated into the design process.
  • Provides extensive product and grade profiles of suppliers and converters.
  • Provides direct communication with Suppliers.
  • Provides Technical Data sheets published by Suppliers and Converters.
Major CPG ... the Structure Assistant is a compelling value and compelling capability for package design.

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Major Converter ... this tool is a must have for the novice and professional alike.

Major Supplier ... the Structure Assistant provides package structures for virtually any product I can think of.

  • Saves time designing packaging structures.
  • Saves time by reducing testing of packaging structures.
  • Saves time with a dedicated Company Structure Library.
  • Save money by reducing the need to test packaging structures.
  • Improves design process through collaboration.
  • Standardizes the design process throughout the company.
  • Increases confidence.
  • Provides better structures.

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  • Delivery: Instantaneous
  • Product Number: SA
  • Copyright: Allied Development Corp.
  • Annual License – 10 Users: US$ 10,000
  • Annual License – 3 Users: US$ 5,000
  • Annual License – Single User: US$ 2,500
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